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Offsite Construction

Let's talk about modular and offsite construction and the benefits of how it's changing the way we can build projects. Offsite means there are pre-assembled parts of the project that are completed inside a factory and connected together onsite. There are so many benefits; less material waste, less disruption to the work site, less labor, and cost certainty. Offsite Dirt is here to continue the conversation through education, events, technology and construction. Our interviews offer education and real life experiences from companies and people in the business. Our job is to inform you of additional construction opportunities to build your next project. Audree Grubesic, offsite construction expert has a unique perspective from completing her own modular homes, along with consulting on multifamily and land development projects using modular construction. You can learn more with the offsite construction media channel It offers 150+ videos on offsite solutions, partners, architects, factories, events and more.

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