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Modular Factory Design and Trends with The Mod Coach, Jason Carter

Jason has led new plant start up teams for many newly designed Modular plants in the US and abroad. He oversaw the design, construction, logistics, and staffing of the new plants. His team is currently working on a new plant start-ups that will build Hospitably Brands, Apartments, Town homes, and Single Family Homes. He is well versed in over 12 different equipment providers from manual to fully automatic plants using the latest Robotic engineering. Jason brings more than 18 years of experience in volumetric buildings and off-site construction. He has previously held positions of Vice President of Operations, Vice President Sales & Marketing. General Manager of 2 plants while Leading the National Rebranding Campaigns of Champion Homes one of the nation’s largest operators of 45 plants. He was part of the Rebranding team that took Champion Homes out of Bankruptcy and into the future that eventually led to a successful purchase of skyline corporation to become a publicly traded company worth 1.2B where he successfully rebranded the company image, re-energized the web presence, and implemented a nationwide CRM & ERP system for 28 plants. In 2009 Jason was one of the first teams to hit the Bakken in Williston ND, he set the very first units in the Bakken region delivering over $85 Million in sales per year to the market for 3 straight years.

In this talk, Jason went into current trends in modular design and development. Volumetric modular, Jason says, is the way to go for many of the big developments he's working on. In the world of hospitality: "You're not shipping air, you're shipping appliances and carpet, etc. Everything is in these things. We do everything in the hotel room but put the sheets on the bed."

For Jason, the trends he's looking at in the next 5 years are Multi-Family and Commercial volumetric modular projects, collaborations with land developers, and the proliferation of new privately owned factories vs. traditional large commercial builder. Looking even further out, Jason sees robotics playing a huge role in how offsite construction functions, as well as the ever-complex process of navigating building code compliance.

To find out more, check out Jason's talk!

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