• Audree Grubesic

Modular Construction: Issues and Opportunities

Our speaker this week is Tom Hardiman. Tom has been the Executive Director for the Modular Building Institute (MBI) since January 2004. MBI is the international non-profit trade association serving as "The Voice of Commercial Modular Construction.” In this capacity, Hardiman oversees the governance and compliance of the association and implements the organization's strategic initiatives. He has also served as a registered lobbyist with the United States Congress, and state legislatures of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Hardiman is also the Executive Director of the Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) and currently chairs the National Institute of Building Science Off-Site Construction Council.

"There needs to be more industry standards," Tom puts simply. If we're going to move from construction, to offsite construction, to the entire manufacturing process, we've got to have some consistency in how building products are measured, approved and distributed, otherwise things will never move forward. Tom walked us through much of the work he's been doing with the Modular Building Institute to enact those standards and get them adopted across the country. He also walked us through many recent trends, data points and opportunities in offsite construction. We have massive infrastructure needs, and a labor shortage, which is causing GC's across the country to rethink the way buildings are being built. These trends, along with the rise in new digital technology for better manufacturing methods, have created the perfect storm for offsite construction to grow far beyond anything it's achieved in the past. Check out Tom's presentation to learn more!

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