• Audree Grubesic

Impacting Building Designs through Exterior Cladding Products

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Our speaker, Tim Seims with Nichiha, discussed his company's fiber cement panel and cladding system products and why they improve building designs and construction processes, particularly for modular building. Utilizing the performance and design flexibility of their fiber cement rainscreen cladding system, they help commercial developers, home owners, architects, designers, and city planners achieve design intent while meeting or beating the budget and construction schedule. The unique clip system and panel format are designed for factory, site, or hybrid installation.

For Nichiha, modular, offsite, and/or prefab accounts for over $250 million US dollars a year in Japan and North America. Leveraging that experience, they have solved many of the broad design and go-to-market challenges here in America. Now they're looking for developers and manufacturers who want to collaborate on their specific needs so we can, together, deliver a modular building envelope solution as efficient as framing or FF&E.

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