• Audree Grubesic

Empowering The Modular Construction Revolution With Technology

Although the benefits of modular construction are obvious, there have still been many roadblocks getting in the way of its expansion over the years. Whether it was due to the inflexibility of the process, logistical and zoning issues or a shortage of labor, modular had a hard time getting off the ground. But with the advent of new technology and flexible, more refined building processes, these issues are no more. The modular movement is picking up steam everyday, and the revolutionary effects it is beginning to have on the building industry are definitely here to stay.

In this week's installment of our Bi-Monthly Offsite Construction Series, we heard from Jason Barber. Jason Barber is the Vice President of Industry Solutions and Strategy at Manufacton. With Manufacton, Jason works to streamline construction operations and processes with new technology—particularly for offsite construction. Manufacton is doing some amazing things for construction, and with their technology organizes and optimizes all tasks from BIM to production into a digitized, easy to use format.

"If you're going to realize the value of modular building, you have to build quality into the work," Jason tells us. "And you have to do that as early in the value chain as you possibly can."

Jason is right. As he goes on to tell us, you can have the most amazing building product, but if you're not doing QA/QC early enough in the process, it won't matter. Something will go wrong, it always does. The reason each element in a construction project isn't adequately inspected ahead of time is simple. It takes too long. But with Manufacton, tasks that usually might take hours or days take only minutes.

You can't scale without software. In previous decades, modular got a bad look because people tried to scale it up and did so unsuccessfully, because they didn't do it carefully and intentionally enough. To fully embrace the modular revolution, we need to be adopting new technology in order to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency in our projects that we possibly can.

Manufacton is doing that for many in our industry, and we encourage you all to check out Jason's presentation!

Join us for our next digital presentation, Modular Communities & The Affordability Crisis, on July 14th.

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