• Audree Grubesic

Investors, Intelligence & Integration

Our speaker this time around was Dana Spain, Director of Investment Relations with Volumetric Building Companies. Having discovered the benefits of building high-density modular projects, Dana joined Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) in January 2019 to help expand the reach of modular and to join forces with a leading visionary in the industry. VBC acquired its first modular factory in Hamlet, NC in 2019. Located in an Opportunity Zone, Dana created an OZ Fund of investors to acquire the factory and fund R & D for new technology and automation. Dana is working with VBC and 29+ modular factories nationwide on rapid housing solutions to address the Affordable and Supportive housing crisis in America.

We loved hearing Dana's passion for how we should be re-thinking the way we plan, design and build to solve our current affordable housing crisis. A creative solution she's pioneering with VBC is providing fixed pricing on individual modular units by standardizing the footprint and increasing the quality and quantity of goods purchased in the supply chain. Standardizing individual units in this way creates a "building block" system, which provides an end-to-end development solution for private, agency and non-profit developments.

To find out more about the inner-workings of this system, check out her presentation!

Connect with Dana on LinkedIn, or visit Volumetric Building Companies website.

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