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Autodesk: Making Prefabrication Easier with Amy Marks

Amy Marks is the Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism at Autodesk; she is known throughout the construction industry as the "Queen of Prefab." A graduate of the University of Florida and an alumna of Harvard Business School, Marks is the former CEO of XSite Modular, a leading prefabrication consultancy and design-builder of critical infrastructure buildings. As a prefabrication consultant, she defined the language and process that is adopted by companies, countries, and builders around the world. Amy was also appointed by the Singapore government's Building & Construction Authority as an international expert to advise its construction productivity roadmap.

"I am a stickler for language," Amy tells us.

And for good reason. In our industry, there are many terms to describe the process of putting a building together with manufactured parts vs. a "stick-built." With so many terms, though, we can get lost in the language and lose sight of our main goal: to streamline building processes, remove waste, confusion and unnecessary errors, and use the power of new technology to connect every part of the AEC industry together into one unified building process that allows the right information to flow all the way through.

Amy's preferred term is Industrialized Construction: The application of manufacturing techniques in the built environment.

Autodesk, obviously, is best poised to provide the technology platform that makes that all possible. To truly achieve industry-wide adoption, though, there needs to be some important shifts in the way we think of and approach the project lifecycle. A few key points include the need to demand product-led projects vs. one-offs, map out standardized processes for each major prefabricated element of a building, and make data not only connected, but functional at every stage of the project lifecycle, from the suppliers to the builders and everywhere in between.

Check out Amy's talk to hear how Autodesk is working to implement this shift industry-wide and truly make prefabrication easier for everyone.

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