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Modular Build Process

Start of the Build Process for Your Modular Home 

Your house is being meticulously built by the manufacturer in a factory, this typically takes 5-10 days. This is when the excitement begins for choosing a general contractor and preparing the land | site. There are many things to consider at this point to get your project started.


1. Land Documents Needed for Your Modular Home: 

    Do you have a land survey, plot map, and soils report? These documents are necessary to start your project. These details provide an explanation of your lot boundaries, easements, designing a driveway, grading, excavation, and help with the foundation details. This is the time to contact your engineer directly or Modular Sure Site can coordinate these services.


2. Choose A General Contractor or Build Yourself

    At this point, it's important to start interviewing your general contractors (or hire Modular Sure Site), required insurance and ask about their build process. Make sure you meet in person and you feel comfortable. Remember you will be working with this company for the next 6-12 months in planning and building. It's important to set up expectations and understand your best form of communication. It is possible to be your own general contractor and build your own home. Please, make sure to do your research, understand the time commitment and education needed to do your own project.  

​3. Plan Designs Needed

    After you have all the land documents, you will need the factory's state stamped set of plans. Make sure the dealer | builder has provided you final state-approved plans. It is important to also acquire the site and architectural plans designed to meet that county's building code. 


4. Building Permit Submittal

    The next step is to review the county's checklist for building a residential home. There will be a list of all plans, documents, and details needed to acquire your building permit. The building permit is needed to start building your new modular home.


5.  Start the Site Work and Plan for the House Set

     Once the building permit is approved the construction site work process begins. Each company and the general contractor should explain the build process for grading, excavation, foundation, structural framing and more. Prior to the foundation being completed, make sure you are pre-planning for your house set and crane service with your builder | dealer. 


This is a general outline of items to consider when building your own new home. If you have questions please feel free to email us at Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best with this process and your new off-site constructed modular home. 

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