General Contractor Services

Building your project takes a fabulous team along with patience, desire, education, and understanding the entire modular or prefabrication process. Each person on your team from the architect, engineers, factory, designers, trade partners, vendors are here to collaborate on your common goal. Your general contractor is one of the most important parts of your teams in order to fulfill your expectations, establish a site work budget, and complete the build schedule in a timely manner.
Pre-planning is the key to having the best success on your commercial project.  There are many steps and strategies that must be in place months and sometimes years before breaking ground. Let's review the best options, talk through your ideas, create a program that's best for you and your team. It starts with prefabrication | modular mindset along with key communication skills and transparency in order to have the best outcome. 

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Do you have a new project or looking to build a new modular home? 

Next Steps...

1. Find a lender or financial institution.  How much can I qualify for a new home build? 

2. Do you have land?  If not, find a great Real Estate professional and start looking for your site.

3. What's your budget for the entire project?  You will have to consider the cost of land, modular home, and site work. 

4. Figure out the type of home and size of the home that fits your lifestyle,

5. Start the pre-construction work or call us, fill out your name and info below