Commercial & Residential Modular Construction Management

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Set & Crane Services

General Contract Services

Consulting Services


Our full-service team of contractors is able to coordinate your transportation with the factory or prefabrication facility, create the best strategy for the set schedule, organize the process with your general contractor on establishing roles and responsibilities.


Modular Sure Site offers many options in the set services including a licensed crane operator, modular commercial set services for multi-family, hospitality, medical buildings, and extends to panelized wall systems and other specialized crane needs nationally. 

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Our team of contractors will complete your project from grading to finish | final inspection.


The services include pre-construction planning and documentation, preliminary and post-budget reviews, outlines of build schedules, cost certainty, less disruption to work sites, and less material waste on the commercial project.  


We provide great customer service, communication and tracking your build through our online management system. 

Off-Site construction is becoming more precious as time frames to build and obtainable budgets are the priority. 


Modular Sure Site has strategic partnerships with many factories to build your residential and commercial projects.  We will assist your team throughout the project with land feasibility reports, selecting the right factory, choosing your selections for interior and exterior finishes, presenting a price per square foot, transportation, permit review and regulations, and walking you through the general off-construction processes. 

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Our team has completed one box modular new homes up to four box custom homes. Each project has a specific plan, build a profile, and design according to our client's ideas and lifestyle.

MSS has relationships with many residential and commercial manufactures. There are many things to consider when planning your project, is wood frame, steel frame, size, design, just to name a few.  

Just keep in mind, typically anything that is built in a traditional construction form can also be built-in modules or in modular construction.  Modular manufacturers build their product to your areas IRC or the International Building Code of your city's or town requirements. 


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Modular Sure Site is proud to be involved in the Offsite Construction industry to the highest level.  Our relationships with companies and individuals from all over the world make it exciting to understand what is happening in building science, passive house, panelization, technology, volumetric, modular, and container designs. 

Each month, the 2nd Tuesday and last Tuesday of the month we feature a speaker that is connected to the Offsite Construction Industry.  Please join us for our next event and continue to help us with our mission to expand the conversation in a forward movement to engage new opportunities to building homes and commercial projects. 

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Shaun Walp | Unique Custom Concepts LLC

I hired Audree and Modular Sure Site to handle my last crane set. I had

difficulties with my previous 3 sets and simply needed better. Modular 

Sure Site took care of everything I needed and communicated clearly.

I wish I had used MSS sooner as it would've saved me many headaches!

Audree and her team of sub-contractors were awesome! Thank you MSS!!


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